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Halk Caddesi No 165
Bati Atasehir Kadikoy Istanbul
Tel: +90 216 688 3777
Fax: +90 216 688 3778

PVA Tepla

As a vacuum specialist for high-temperature and plasma treatment processes, PVA TePla AG is one of the world’s leading plant engineering companies. Its core competencies are in the fields of hard-metal sintering and crystal growing as well as the use of plasma systems for surface activation and ultra-fine cleaning.

Innovative Developments

With its systems and services, PVA TePla enables and supports the innovative manufacturing processes and developments of its customers, primarily in the semiconductor, hard metal, electrical/electronic and optical industries – as well as the energy, photovoltaic and environmental technologies of tomorrow.

Individual Solutions

The company provides its customers with customized solutions from a single source. These range from technology development through tailor-made design and construction of production facilities right up to an after-sales service that covers all four corners of the globe.

Jointly with our customers

The company will use its systems to enter the latest fields of application jointly with its customers – be they next-generation wafers for use in the semiconductor or photovoltaic industries, powdered-metal technology, new crystals for the optoelectronic industry, fiber-optics for data transmission or the development of high-tech materials and surfaces.

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