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Halk Caddesi No 165
Bati Atasehir Kadikoy Istanbul
Tel: +90 216 688 3777
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The S-Max, suited for sandcasting foundries, creates complex sand cores and molds directly from CAD data, eliminating the need of a physical pattern to create a core or mold. The ability to cast in hours without hard tooling improves the entire casting process chain.

Technical Specifications

Process cell including job box and roller conveyor

Build volume l x w x h 1800 x 1000 x 700 mm (70.9 x 39.37 x 27.56 in.)

Build speed 60 000 to 85 000 cm3/h (2.12 to 3.00 ft3/h)

Layer thickness 0.28 to 0.50 mm (0.011 to 0.0197 in.)

Print resolution X/Y 0.1 mm / 0.1 mm (0.004 in. / 0.004 in.)

External dimensions l x w x h 6900 x 3520 x 2860 mm including one job box, right - standard (271.7 x 138.6 x 112.6 in.)

Weight 6500 kg (14 330 lbs)

Electrical requirements S-Max 400V 3-Phase/N/PE/50-60 Hz, max. 6.3 kW

Electrical requirements heater 400V 3-Phase/PE/50-60 Hz, max. 10.5kW

Data interface STL


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