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Ultrasonic Shot Peening


Ultrasonic Shot Peening technology allows the use of high quality beads. Quality beads combined to the real-time control of parameters, ensures a repeatable and efficient treatment. Ultrasonic Shot Peening (USP) induces a low roughness and a better surface quality compared to the conventional shot peening. This has a direct influence on fatigue-life enhancement.

Increasing productivity and quality Cost reductions - Improving fatigue life - Treatment of complex geometry parts - Process control and repeatability - Low roughness (see images below) - Shorter treatment cycle time - Reducing consumption of beads, energy and compressed air - Integration in the production line (lean manufacturing) - “In situ” treatment often possible without having to dismantle parts.


SONATS USP & UNS Aeronautics

Ultrasonic Shot Peening for Turbines


Shot Peening of aeronautic blisks, fan, fan blades and other engine components


Aeroengines or turbines are very sensitive applications where high degree of reliability is mandatory. Critical components of Aircrafts and Helicopters are shot peened to prevent from cracking by adding beneficial compressive stresses. Overall control and mastering of the shot peening process is mandatory to guarantee and maximize the fatigue-life of the components which have generally complex geometries. Conventional shot peening methods can't offer the same degree of process control as the Stressonic® which is very well adapted (Reproducibility, High uniformity, Surface quality) for treating high value parts such as: Low Pressure and High Pressure Blades - Airfoil and Fan Blade root fixation - dovetail Disks, Blisks (or IBR) Fans, Rotors, Hub-Propeller connector, Jesus hut Impellers Ball-bearings SONATS has developed and patented technical solutions for such applications that provide high quality shot peening treatments and cost savings to our customers, with no risk to damage the parts. Shot peening applications include both new part treatment and MRO solutions. Hereafter are some examples of customized and automatised shot peening machines(Please contact us if you are interested to receive a more detailed information).


STRESSONIC USP Blisk machine



STRESSONIC USP Impeller machine



STRESSONIC USP Blade machine




SONATS USP & UNS Aeronautics

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